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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blinded by Magic: A Witch Romance

Title: Blinded by Magic: A Witch Romance
Author: Ava Catori
                                           Place Published: Amazon Google Play  Kobo
Publication Date: 02/07/2014
“This story was originally released under the title of Witch’s Brew in 2012. It has since been re-written and expanded.”
Pages: 87
Special Features: Part of a 10 book Bundle – First Book in the Bundle
Price: $2.99
Raven’s weakness is sexy, mortal men and falling in love. Her sister is frustrated, because getting tangled in a relationship with a mortal can cause big trouble for the witch community. Smitten with Derek, her hot and hunky boyfriend, Raven has to make a decision. Choosing the path of the mortal mate may cost her something important.
Raven’s weakness is as old as time. Why are mortal men so hot to those who are not mortal? Zarie her sister is complete against Raven dating mortal men. Benji her brother is worried for her well being knowing that is could all end in a huge mess for her heart. Though Raven is stubborn and knows all the cons of dating such men she can’t help herself. She is addicted to the tingles that being romanced by mortal men brings. Though her family rather her become in love with a fellow witch and have witch babies. With the Looming of “Season of the Witch” around the corner everyone is pushing what they think is right. Is tradition the correct path or is her heart. Is Derek truly the one. Is he strong enough for it. These are the questions Raven will have to face. Ones you will be asking yourself.
I am giving this story 4 stars. Ava Catori has a great story here. Though the fast pace and length of it left me feeling needing more. With the random lines and what I felt about hints with in the story, I truly felt Derek would be more than what he seemed. I will be honest this is the first time I have ever read anything from this Author. So I can’t say much but what I felt about this story. I was not impressed with the term mortal was thrown around, without knowing if the Witches are immortal. Knowing they are other-worldly doesn’t always mean immortal. Well not in my brain it doesn’t. Then there were parts that just piss my woman self entitlement parts. Even with all that, I still have to say it was a entertaining enough to have me finish it, wonder if there is something more out there that would answer the million and one questions this left me.
Ava Catori also writes under the names Lauren Keller (Gritter Romances) and Amber Adwell (Western Romance) For More information Please check her out
On Goodreads this Book has an average of 3 stars with 15 people rating it and 3 reviews. Ava Catori has a strong writing persona that I am willing to get to know better.