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Friday, January 9, 2015


Estimated 298 pages
Price: Free (Amazon & Kobo) $0.99 (B&N) at the time of this post
(My Copy came from Supernatural Six Boxed Set -No Longer Available)
Sixteen-year-old Pearl Poseidon ran away from the circus tired of her adoptive parents’ abuse of her special skills. As a runaway, she craves anonymity but when she saves a small boy from drowning she draws attention to herself and her special abilities. Boardwalk employee and aspiring investigative reporter, Chase Thomas, helps her with the rescue and witnesses her amazing dive. 
Now, he has questions. And so do the police. 
Unbeknownst to Pearl, a battle rages under the Pacific between Loyal and Non-Loyal Atlantean forces and each side wants to use her powers for their cause. Will the commotion in the ocean expose her secrets to the world? Will Chase’s reporter-determination ruin their chance for a real relationship? Will staying near the ocean she loves catapult into a battle royale?
This would be my second dive into the mermaid world. I honestly thought I only like it cause of the Author who wrote it. Allie Burton has shown me the light that I just damn well like reading about “mermaids”.
I Love the way Allie took the mermaid myth and toss it out to a point. I am not giving anything away. Read the Book peoples!  I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of this series.
My One draw back is that Pearl could be bit of a complaining whining pain in the tush. I would have to remind myself that Pearl is 16 yr old runaway trying to deal with stuff. So after going back and forth on 4 to 5 stars rating. I decided 5 stars, cause by golly it earned 5 stars!!
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


The Wonderful and Delightful K.A. Young has announced that The Third book in The Elise Michaels Series will be coming out February 2015. I am here to help you get all the info you need to be ready for Blood Moon.
Coven – FREE
Elise Michaels’ motto has always been: no guts, no glory. She is a thrill seeker, continually craving excitement and adventure. The idea of being tied down to a place or man never interested her, even though a betrothal spell was cast linking her and the Head of Council’s son when they were mere infants.
Being a distant third in succession to assume the Head Mistress role, she felt confident that her secret would remain in her past along with Coven life. Unfortunately, nothing in our fun loving heroine’s future is anything she or anyone from the supernatural realm is prepared for.
Now, she’s forced to return to the place and the Sorcerer she so desperately sought to forget.
Elise has no idea the power and gifts that await her. Can she let go of her own desires and embrace her new role? Or will she surrender to the faceless evil coming for them all?
Book one in the tantalizing Elise Michaels Series a spinoff of The Nephilim Warrior Series.
Dead Spell – $2.99
After being forced to live among the humans, Elise finds herself on the cusp of a war that she isn’t sure how to fight let alone win. Along with a small supernatural group of sorcerers, werewolves, vampires and one Nephilim warrior, she is prepared to risk it all in order to protect and defend the world that they know and love.
While Elise has that one goal in mind, she is also learning to adjust to the gift her mother sent her from the other side, her wolf. And if all that weren’t enough, she must also choose between the affections of the head sorcerer Garrett, and the sexy alpha wolf Enrique. One thing’s for sure, Elise has no intention of being coerced into a relationship neither by loyalty nor a supernatural bond.
Elise never would have imaged that everything would come to a head because of one witches spell. One spell could change everything…….
Blood Moon- Coming February 2015
It’s easy to fight for what you believe in. Elise Michaels walked away from the exciting life as a paired sorceress to the last female warrior to live a life for the Coven she had once despised and hasn’t looked back. She’s accepted her wolf, a gift from her mother and now has become part of a pack.
Elise Michaels would do anything to save the ones she loves. As the most powerful Sorceress of her time, she’s already fought and defeated deadly attacks from the human alliance seeking to expose and destroy the supernatural world.
Now a new war has been exposed and the only way Elise can defeat this deadly force of evil is to bond herself to the powerful Sorcerer Garrett Hayes, but even their fiery bond is tested by betrayal.
The line between friend and foe is blurred and an alliance with the wolves now comes with a price. On the cusp of the Blood Moon, an epic battle against dark forces will cause Elise to decide what her and her ward Mona’s ultimate survival is worth.
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Also Known As Karma Beat
Estimated 162 pages
Price: $2.99
(My Copy came from Supernatural Six Boxed Set -No Longer Available)
Not every seventeen-year-old girl works part time granting wishes, ,but when you’re a genie, you have obligations. I’s rather spend my time rocking with my older brother’s band. I’ve been waiting years to replace the last drummer. Just when it’s looking good for me, Leo Fuller shows up, and this bad boy genie’s after more than just my drummer gig.
Male genies are dangerous, volatile, bad-boy types, and I’m finding him way too attractive. If we’re caught together, we could both lose our powers and be banished to the other realm. I know helping Leo will be a really bad idea. What I don’t know is why I’m doing it anyways.
Not a bad read. The beginning was a bit dull. By the middle it pick up and before I knew four hours have gone by and it was over.
Three Wishes gets 4 stars. It looses a star for not grabbing me fully within a couple pages. Normally a writer can loose more than a star for this. Though Three Wishes did pick up. The writing style was awesome. The Jen’s brothers were a hoot and a half!
I recommend this book for anyone who is completely into YA Books and/or Genies!!!
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Saturday, January 3, 2015


Estimated 273 pages
Published April, 29th 2013
Price: $4.99
(My Copy came from Supernatural Six Boxed Set -No Longer Available)
Malcolm’s had a problem for as long as he can remember. No matter where he goes or what he does, he leaves misery in his wake. Sadness and negativity are his constant companions, influencing others around him until they cannot bear to live.
But then Rae shows up in his life, and everything changes. Darkness cleaves to light. Anger yields to joy. The question is whether she’ll be his salvation or his destruction.
DUALITY is a 2-book Young Adult/New Adult Paranormal Romance.
So When I finish my last book. Every day after that I happened to open a book read a chapter and sigh with disappointment. Not cause they were horrible books, cause NONE were holding my attention. I couldn’t find anything that made me forget I was sitting in a tub full of cold water. Then last night that happened. I was once again bored watching all the males in my house play their video games. So I went upstairs to draw a bath. Look through my to read list on my Kindle. This Supernatural Six Boxed Set, just stood out to me. So fingers crossed, I started the very first book in the set.
Before I knew it Malcolm, Rae, Jazzy Butts, and Kootch had my attention. I was hooked and didn’t want to let go. Sadly I did have to get out of the tub before my lips turned blue. As soon as I was out making sure people were fed, since I was in the tub longer than I planned on… oops! I toss everyone in bed and dove into mine with Duality Vol 1 in my hand.
Then I came to a point where a non-word was uttered., and discussed. That I was laughing so hard. I had tears running down my face, No sound was coming out of my mouth. Unless you count the odd clicking sound coming from the back of my throat. (Think Mimic) Took a bit for me to breath again. My Poor children woke up thinking I had finally lost it.
I am giving this book 5 stars, 10 if I could. Just when I was going through serious reading withdrawals. This Gem just fell upon my eyes. The characters for the most part were believable. The words were fluid as a stream. The Teenagers were believable, as in they didn’t seem to step out of a Disney movie. If you have something against 17 yr old almost 18 yrs old tossing the F-bomb and taco reference around. I wouldn’t suggest this book for you. If you can hang with it. I say go for it!!!
On another Note, If you haven’t caught it from above. This is a two part book. No No I Haven’t Read Book two yet…… But I will!!!! Second Please if you do read this. Please Please remember 2 books!!!!!
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