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Monday, January 1, 2018

Hello 2018!!!!

Hi! Hello! Salutations!

I have to say I am very excited to be in 2018. I have small quarterly goals with this blog, my social media pages, and other fun exciting things.

Things you will notice in 2018 - NO MORE COVER REVEALS OR NEW RELEASE posts on here. I am happy to share your cover reveals on my social media pages. I am leaving my posts for reviews and random shower thoughts that are book world related.

Once a month, you will also get a more personal post from me, so make sure you are hitting that follow button.

Last Book Haul of 2017

Above picture is a peek at reviews to come. Yes, I went to Books-A-Million! My Shortie had asked to buy a book. I can't say no to buying books. I had only planned to buy my two boys books (books not pictured) but I wasn't able to help myself with a signed copy of Deadmen Walking & Children of the Fleet. I have been coveting the Retro Covers that grace Neil Gaiman's Books for over year now. SO I HAD TO GET THE BOXSET! But more on that later this year!

So with all that ramblings nonsense, I hope your 2018 is a great year, if not blame that shit on a plot hole!