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Saturday, May 24, 2014


“Enchanted Secrets (Witches of Bayport)”
This enchanting book starts out with a secret that just doesn’t go right…. Then fast forward 25 years and we are dealing with a whole different set of twins.
Kendra is our narrator through this tale. Kendra is just like most teenage girls. Struggling with body images and bullies. Then Tyler comes in and things go a bit sideways.
During this Kendra has to deal with things normal teenagers don’t have to deal with. Like Magic, witches, warlocks, shape shifters, and cranky wands. Deal she must and fast if she is to handle a witch who is evil and power-hungry.
The ending had me going WTF!!!!!!! Didn’t see that twist coming. Yup another cliff hanger. Kristen sure does know how to completely hook her reader then leave them hanging in just the right way to have them come back.
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Enchanted Secrets Kindle (Free) Nook (Free) iTunes (Free)
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Monday, May 19, 2014


 I have decided to break this box set into parts. I had pick this set up on a whim. For two reasons; first it was a box set by one Author and second reason it was free.
               I made the Mistake of thinking this was a HUGE book when I found it hidden in my to read section of my Kindle. Oops I was wrong. So I wanted to Put my thoughts down before I forgot anything. Which tends to happen to me more then I like to admit.
               “Wicked” is a Night Roamers Short. WOW!!! Well this short had me sitting on the edge of my seat. It also had me a bit spook. I was able to guess what the bad guy was right away . ( I didn’t catch the Night roamer thing when I started this) There is a part in this short where I was yelling RUN DON”T STOP. Alas there was a stop. I want to say I was caught off guard at what happened after said stop. I can’t, it was the second guess I had to what could happen next. The pages flew fast and BAM Fade to black a cliff hanger….
           At this point when I turned the page I had realized I was reading a box set and Not a HUGE Book. Don’t judge to hard. I pick up so many books I tend to forget what I have got or bought. If its a new author I randomly grab they go straight to my to read section. I then Pick for that section base by titles that grab my attention right that second. It’s a Bit odd I Know. This is just how I work, so the Next book I read could be a real surprise to me. Now Back to the good stuff.
           “Blur” Book One in the Night Roamer Series. What can I say about this? There are two characters that connect to this from “Wicked”. This book is told by Nikki, who is spook by loads of things going on around her. Faces in the window one moment and gone the next, girls dying, and shadows in the woods. When that is not bothering her she is crushing on Duncan. (Which at this time I think there is more to him then what is stated. Will have to read more of this series to see if I am right or not.) She also has to Ethan to deal with who is trying to charm her pants off, and calling her the wrong name. All this boils down to yet another freaking cliff hanger…….
   After that I realized this was a box set of first in series by Kristen Middleton. I was face with a choice. Find the second in the series right that second and pray for wifi connection without getting out of my comfy bed, or write my thoughts down right away. As you can see I choose my thoughts. Book two is on my must read list that is for sure. Before I get to that I Like to see what the other first in the series have to offer. so far this box set has my full attention.
Box Set Dark Realms  Kindle (Free) Nook ( Free) iTunes (Free)
Blur (Night Roamers Book 1) Kindle ( Free) Nook (Free)  iTunes (Free)
At the time of this Post These are free, so Double check before you click Buy.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


 I Had Luck Out finding this for Free. Now Mostly I write up a gushing post when I fall in love with a a said book/series.story. Now this doesn’t fall in that category at all. Though it was NOT a bad read. Lets start with what stop this from happening.