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Monday, October 14, 2013


Elise is one of my Favorite characters from the Nephilim – Warrior Series.  Elise is always has a quick wit.
In Coven the First of her very Own series. Things Get shoved on to her, and she pulls up her big girl undies, and marches on. She now has to be The Head Mistress of Her Coven, A far cry from Her adventures with Anna. Though Don’t Let that fool you, Elise’s adventures in Coven are fun and exciting. The rest of the characters just as awesome.
I love how Elise just freaks and strides with it all. I honestly Couldn’t Put this down. K.A. Young has yet to disappoint me with her world or worlds. I will be sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next one to come out.  Cause honestly We all need more Elise Michaels In our lives.
That is all you will Get from me, Cause If I go on, I will spoil the whole book for you. So Go and grab your copy, and Enjoy the Ride!
My Rating system: ♥♥♥♥♥

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