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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Know for a fact that there are many wonderful Blogger/Reviewer with better words and Awesome grammar when they tell you what they felt and thought. I, on the other hand, don’t give much detail or anything just my thoughts and feelings on the book. I want people to read a book cause they want to, not cause I gave it a bad review or a Great one. I Read their blogs, and I sometimes follow their advice and sometimes I just give a book a chance. More so if the Author is an Indie Author.
I have been following Kristie Cook for awhile, I was certain I had one of her books somewhere buried on my kindle. I on any day can download 1 to 5 new books. So my To Read list is always hundred miles long.
So Sunday Night after digging around in the piles of books, Or more and less swiping through pages of book list I had found Promise.
Promise, had me hook in the first two pages and kept me hook. I Just had to know what the next page held. I laugh out loud at a couple spots. I at times felt a bit more lost than Alexis. I was in love with Tristan. I made guesses at what people were, based from what Alexis saw. Promise, is full of new love and secrets, with a heart wrenching ending. Beware if you Pick this one up make sure you Pick the next one up.  I sat there with tears in my eyes going WTF!!!!!! Kristie Gave me What I love in a book, Good VS EVIL – LOVE VS Everything Else. Plus I could relate on many levels with Alexis. I Love when a character shows up and I see myself in them, or a person I would love to know.  As of right now Promise is Free and you can pick it up on Amazon kindle for Free Here.

Purpose is the Second Book in this Series. I Just finished it. I was completely Hook. I am writing this in a Hurry So I can start on the Third soon. I was just going to read them all and then give my thoughts on them. Alas, I can’t I have too many emotions flowing through me right now I want you to know before I forget. Purpose started off for me just tearing me apart. Its Many years later from where Promise Left off. Alexis is truly living my worse nightmare. Though her hope gave me Hope so I kept flipping through the pages. Needing to know Good Always Wins. This was just as great as the first. Leaving me with wonder, and awe. With an Extra Hug at the end for My Hubby and Boys.
I want to tell you so much more, I have type up and retype so many times now. That I can’t I will give away too much. So I will leave you with this. If you Love to read about battles, good vs. evil, fantasy, supernatural things. I highly recommend these two books.
If you Like to Know More About Kristie Cook You Can Check her out at these sites below!

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