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Saturday, January 25, 2014


So Lets face it I am Not the best blogger. I Tend to go from Book to Book and Have all thoughts of actually writing what I thought of the book. Granted I am Not always the Best with it. So I wanted to Let you Know about Mer Tales. I enjoyed all three books Brenda Has this way of writing that Just draws you in. I Love it. So Lets Start with my Brief Feelings and o Thoughts On each One.

  mer tales 1 Everblue is Free right now. I Double check just for you. I am Not sure for how long. I Pick this up on a whim since  I am Friends via social networking with a awesome Person. She posted about it being free. I Just had to see what a Book about mermaids would be like. I haven't read any since I was a child and then it was all about Ariel. Everblue, started off for me a bit slow, I wasn't sure what Brenda Pandos was up to, though I was hook on her writing style, it just flowed so wonderfully for me that I had to keep reading it. Before I knew it I was Hook into the story. I had to know Everything! Then The Book Ended! I wanted to cry Nothing was resolved. Thank Goodness Book 2 was already Out! mer tales 2 Evergreen  is 2.99 usd. Loads Cheaper then those fancy Cups Of Java we all run on. So Worth the Loose Change in your Couch. Evergreen focus is completely on Ash and Fin. All The drama that surrounds them. Lets face it Life is Hard when your a teenager, not through in someone being a mermaid. I Thought I had something figured out. With some cryptic talk about marks. Let me tell you I was not expecting the way it turned out! I had to actually pick my jaw off my chest. I Read this in half a day. Though it ended with Tatch still....... Well you Have to read the first one to know where I am going!!!!!!!! Again I had to get the Next Book! mer tales 3
Everlost is 3.99 usd. again worth the my book allowance I give myself. ( Hey If I didn't set one for myself, I wouldn't have food!) This one is all Tatchi and a New Guy Named Jacob. By the way I am claiming Jacob as Mine!  I enjoyed this one just as much as the last two, I also read this from start to finish in the same day as I read Evergreen. So Yeah I was or still am Addicted. I was scratching my head at things that were going on. Time lines didn't seem to be adding up to me. Then again I am so blaming Tatchi on that one. This one wraps most of everything up. enough to leave you satisfied. With the hope there might be a fourth book! I Hope there is!!
Okay that is all I am going to give you cause I hate to give anything awa

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