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Thursday, January 2, 2014


 Have you Read a Stephanie Plum Novel Lately???? Almost 14 Years ago I discovered Stephanie Plum. Since then I have Been reading her adventures. Sometimes I wait a long while before catching up all over again. More so cause there is loads of Character Description and such that I already know so it is a bit tedious when reading. Though Perfect for anyone who pick up any Of them that is Not One For the Money ( First Book). This is My First Finish Book read of the New Year. I started this yesterday since I was Laid up in a chair nursing an injured toe. I enjoyed “Twenty” as I have enjoyed the other Nineteen other Novels. My Only Complain is that I did not get as many laugh out loud moments as the others. This just might be My fault reading while in pain. Though I might of Laugh too hard at Monkey Gonads. Seriously It caught me completely off guard. So If you're looking for a Good Novel for your 2014 Year. That Makes you feel a bit better Or if you like me a reminder why you should not be a bounty hunter. Any of the Stephanie Plum Novels will Do you Just right. Then Two Men in it are so Sink your teeth into Hot! So It's Really Awesome. I Had a complete post written in my head late/early this morning when I finish this novel, Alas I forget all of the witty things I was going to say. Then again if any of you have been reading my post, you Know this is really not so much as a Blog, Blog, or like a Recommendation of books I like without Giving too much away.

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