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Sunday, May 4, 2014


 I Had Luck Out finding this for Free. Now Mostly I write up a gushing post when I fall in love with a a said book/series.story. Now this doesn’t fall in that category at all. Though it was NOT a bad read. Lets start with what stop this from happening.
I have read many episode books. So this was not my first time. Though this would be the first time I felt one drag on. Maybe it was not the Book and it had been a a very exhausting two weeks for me.  The other thing that drove me nuts were grammar typos. ( Says the one who makes them all the time) I won’t bash the Authors for this. Cause it simply could of been a file conversion thing that happens even to Authors who are back by big house publishers.  Though this caused a lot of grumbling on my part. This seemed to stop the flow for me also.
Now that I loved a lot about to have me finish all three in this volume. Brair I just Loved him!! I enjoyed Alice a lot also. Now I had a good chuckle over the whole Alice and Briar Duo. Not going to tell you why. Sorry you will have to read it to figure it out!
Now lets talk about Alice. Hers she is a regular book worm girl with some kick butt skills in fencing.  Not an air head or weak needing a hero. She is a HERO! She is task to rid the world of The Brother Grimm’s evil creations. With the only super power she has is her brains! I Loved that. I also Loved the last couple scenes were great. They flew by faster than I would of thought and kept me on the edge of my seat.
In the end I would Recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Young/Youth adult novels, Grimm Fairy Tales, and a Strong Female Protagonist. This Books gets 4 starts. Only Loosing one star for not being able to fully grab my Attention. Though don’t let that stop you from trying the book out yourself.

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