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Saturday, May 31, 2014


Hello You Awesome People Who Follow my Ramblings!!!

Before I Post Part 2 and 3 Of  Dark Realms I wanted to write about something that means a lot to me. Taking care of your Favorite Authors, Everything from Brick and Mortar to Indie Authors.
It takes so much to write a book. You bleed, sweat and cry your way through. Many Many Never get publish at all. This is why I am such a fan of Indie Authors. They cut the Middle manout and put their work out there, For all of us to read and Judge.  Some for years keep submitting until they finally get through. YAY!!!!!
There are simple ways you can take care of each. Buy their Books! Let Everyone Know you Love them. You know the song and Dance.
I want to go a step further in this. I want to let you know, that when you buy a book on amazon you can post you just bought said book.  Now I am guilty of not doing all the time. I tend to pick up around 20 books a month on Amazon. So I don’t always share that I bought a book. Mostly cause I do most of my Buying on the fly. Stuck in traffic or waiting for the last bell to ring to take my kiddos home.
Though did you know that when you click on an Authors name on Amazon there is a Like Button. Go ahead and give it a click. This Helps them also. This Helps all Authors. Share their Pages, You Have a Book of theirs you love, Share that too. You don’t know who on your friends list is looking for something to read, and you just help them find something and you just took care of your Author.
Review the Book you just read. Many People Read Reviews to figure out if the book is a right fit for them. Remember not to give Spoilers away. Tell the Masses why you like the book or Not. Though if the book was not your cup of tea. Remember to be nice about it. Think of it this way. You wouldn’t want some Stranger coming up to you, telling you that your baby is wrong, poorly taken care of, or just Blah. I Follow so many authors through Facebook, blogs, and websites. They often refer to their books as their children. I have seen some great authors unable to handle the hate that people spew about their work and close up shop. Which is heart breaking. Yes a thicker hide is needed when self publishing. Though this does not give you the right to bully an author. Just remember you can criticize as long as it’s positive. No one gets better at anything if all we do is put them down.
Follow Your favorite Authors. Be it on Facebook, Website, blog, or joining a mailing list. All of these are great! This Lets them know another person likes their work. Gives them the motivation to keep going at it. You might get the same enjoyment out of it as I. I Love more then anything to log in to any of my social medias and see a post or whatever from an author I like. How they are coming along with the next book. Or Spending their afternoon with their family poolside. Or how a new house renovation is going.
Also another great way of taking care of your Authors is joining such sites Like Goodreadsor Shelfari.  Both of these have  great ways to add books you have read, you can review them also on there. I Highly suggest that you do. If you like to set reading goals for yourself. Shelfari has this feature and monitors your progress. Goodreads has many awesome features also. I will have to admit I do not know all of them. I use it only to vote on my favorite books, to mark my want to reads, and post reviews.
I Like to take this a step further. When your Author is having a Sale on a Book. Be it Free or Mark down. Lets everyone Know! Many of us are on a tight budget, knowing through social media and Word of mouth that Book is on Sale is all we need to know to take a chance on a book. I am guilty of this. I Have friends and other Authors post that a book is on sale. I like a giddy school girl will click and buy and buy. I have found many of my Favorite Authors this way.
Sharing is caring when it comes to books. Be it Sharing a Post that about a book, or Author. Or Lending a book. You never know how much the written word could mean to someone. If your wondering about me. Books keep me sane. Though my dishes could say my books cause neglect.
To Sum it all up let the WORLD know you like a book or Author.

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