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Monday, August 18, 2014


 Arianna Rose Part 1
By Jennifer & Christopher Martucci
129 Pages ( Estimated)
Published Jan. 8, 2014
THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Before you purchase this book, please be aware that Arianna Rose contains mature subject matter, violence, and material with religious reference that could be considered controversial. 
Moving from place to place is nothing new to Arianna Rose. Always finding herself on the wrong side of the tracks wherever she goes, she’s used to being an outcast, used to not fitting in. But nothing prepares her for what happens when she and her mother move to Herald Falls. Changes occur. Violence erupts. Arianna learns she’s not an ordinary teenage girl. She’s different… and deadly. 
Suddenly empowered with abilities she cannot harness, Arianna struggles to discover the meaning behind their abrupt appearance. 
And she’s not alone. 
Someone else seeks to understand her powers, and to destroy her.
Arianna Rose is another book I had picked up and read about 20% of it, then put it down. At the time it just was not what I was looking for. Seeing that I started it, I knew I should finish it. So Off I went. Just before I reach the last page, I had a thought that 129 pages would take me longer than I would like to admit. Than “Poof!” Part 1 of Arianna Rose was done with a Cliff Hanger!
So….. Howard scares the living daylights out of me. If you are faint of heart, cannot stomach the tiniest bit of violence in a book. Beware of Howard! His violent acts in this book made me weep and bile rise up in my throat. He is such a monster that I can’t wait to see him gone. Highly disappointed that it didn’t happen in part 1.
Though without Howard I would not be fully invested in Arianna. Mr. & Mrs. Martucci are a great writing Team. They have taken me from lets finish this and forget it, to OMGOODNESS I’m out of book credit to get the second!
Arianna Part 2 is so on my to Buy list!!!
5 Stars
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