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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Better Off Dead – An Urban Fantasy (Lily Harper Series Book 1)

Better Off Dead – An Urban Fantasy (Lily Harper Series Book 1)
        H.P. Mallory
        274 Pages
        Published Jan, 12, 2014
    If there’s such a thing as luck, Lily Harper definitely doesn’t have it.
Killed in a car accident before it’s her time to go, Lily learns that the hereafter isn’t exactly what she hoped it might be.
First, there’s AfterLife Enterprises, the company responsible for sorting out the recently dead and sending them on their way to the Kingdom, (aka happily ever after,) or to the Underground City, (not so happily ever after.)
Learning that Lily’s death was indirectly their fault (her guardian angel, Bill, was MIA during her accident and was one of their employees,) Afterlife Enterprises offers Lily the chance to live again.
But, as with most things involving the afterlife, beware the fine print. Most notably, Lily will become a soul retriever, venturing into the bowels of the Underground City to retrieve souls that were mistakenly sent there by Afterlife Enterprises during a Y2K computer glitch.
Second, there’s angel Bill. As if risking her second life in the Underground City wasn’t enough, Lily’s guide to the Underground is none other than her incompetent, alcoholic, womanizing guardian angel, Bill, the antithesis of anything wholesome. With only Dante’s Inferno and Bill to help her in her quest, Lily’s future isn’t looking bright.
Finally, there’s the legendary bladesmith, Tallis Black. As Scottish as his kilts and heavy brogue, Tallis Black is a centuries-old Celt who, for reasons only known to him, offers to train Lily and act as her escort into the depths of the Underground City. Dark, brooding and definitely dangerous, Lily knows she shouldn’t trust Tallis, but she also can’t deny her attraction to him.
Between soul retrieving in hell, dealing with Bill and trying to figure out what’s in it for Tallis, Lily wonders if maybe she would’ve just been better off dead.
The start of this book just didn’t hold for me. I Read about 20 pages give or take and put it down to read something else. I have come to the conclusion it was me and not the book at all. Since I have several books that I have started and need to get back to.
I like the character Lily, she would be someone I would like to have around. She is sweet and smart. Plus the random shock value would be a great bonus for me.
After reading all of this book I have decided better for Lily to have this adventure than I. Between Bill and Tallis I might of ended up stuck in the shade. Both would be driving me nuts for completely different reasons. I will be honest while reading I would of paused and pretend Lily smack the hell out of one and throttle the other. Even with all that H.P. Mallory delivered me into a wonderful world I can’t wait to get back to.
5 Stars
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