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Monday, August 18, 2014

Witches of Demon Isle Box Set ( Volumes 1,2,& 3)

Witches of Demon Isle Box Set ( Volumes 1,2,& 3)
        By Rachel Humphrey -D’aigle
         262 Pages
         Published Dec. 9, 2013
Melinda Howard is the Demon Isle’s weird girl… the one that’s been holed up in the Howard Mansion for the last four years. Why? No one knows the truth except for her family… a long line of witches charged with protecting the Demon Isle, currently led by four hundred year old vampire, William Wakefield. Another reason Melinda doesn’t mind her self-inflicted imprisonment. She gets to spend more time with William, her crush for nearly all her life who’s too hot for words. And now, so are her dreams.
Dreams that have a tendency to come true. Although typically, they don’t include the handsome vampire she’s crushing on but rather horrifying visions of people about to die.
But she cannot stay under self-inflicted house arrest forever! And if her brothers or William get their choice in the matter, Melinda will be out of the house partying with her friends on the beach, giving her affections to a human, not a vampire, and getting into her role as a witch.
A role her eldest brother Charlie lives for, and a role her second brother Michael would rather live without. But when duty calls, usually from the local sheriff needing help with some tourist who’s gotten themselves into trouble, life, fun and choice get set aside and duty takes over.
Such is the case when the sheriff needs help solving a murder; one she fears is supernatural in nature. To assist her in the case, she calls upon the skills of Charlie, who’s a little more than just a Howard Witch, and Michael, an empath and death reader.
What Michael discovers from the reading however, could be more than any of them can deal with or accept. Worse yet, they fear what this discovery will do to Melinda, as it returns them all to the core of her self-imprisonment.
Back to the lives she could not save…
“Make Me a Real Girl”
Volume 1, I have read before. I tore through my stuff to see if I wrote anything about it, I did not. :( More and likely I read this waiting for the next Fated Saga Book to come out. I do have the tendency to get hooked on a series and the other things an Author writes doesn’t hold for me. This is where I can be labeled a “Snob”.
I was happy to pick this Box set up, and to get to know the Howards’ and William all over again.
Rachel’s writing is something I call my brain crack. In which my mind can slip from character to character easily.
So In volume 1 you get a nice set up of the characters, place, and the main plot line, with a great dose of mystery. If you have only Volume 1, do yourself a favor and get the others since volume 1 leaves you hanging!
“What Bites Me”
WOW! Fast Paced and Nail biting! So Much happens to the Howard Siblings in one day. I want to say more. Alas I fear It might spoil the ride. I will state this about Volume 2 it leaves you hanging also! Who knew three little dots could be so mean!
“Trick Me, Trick Me Not”
Can the Howards ever catch a break. Well if they did it would be slightly boring spot as the plot twists and thickens. New Supernaturals are introduced. At least when when Volume 3 leaves with yet another hanger, it answers a question. Granted I went “DUH!” when it happened.
My conclusion in this…… Witches Of The Demon Isle Box set Has kept me Highly entertained for a Day. I love these types of tiny books. Makes having a nice cup of coffee so enjoyable!
5 Stars!
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