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Friday, December 30, 2016

Reviewed: Reaped from Faerie by WB McKay

Reaped from Faerie (Stolen Magic, #2) 
by W.B. McKay
5 out of 5 Stars 
*I was given an ARC for an Honest Opinion*

I was so eager to jump into Sophie's world again. To see Owen being a pain in the rump of Dragon was just great. In Reaped from Faerie we get to meet some new characters and ones we have been wondering about. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor a couple times, and I laughed out loud at others. Faith & Robert write the most addicting words and worlds, I'm still healing from a book hangover.

If you Read Bound by Faerie, then you just have to read Reaped from Faerie!!

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I Have two different reviews for this book, the one that hit all the book platforms, It’s Nice sweet and to the point of how I feel about Reaped from Faerie. If you have any aversion to raw and possible profanity please stop reading now and if you so can incline, grab yourself a copy. Your shelf will be better with it.

"Yep, I could spin almost dying into a positive outcome, if it meant that I was right and he was wrong."

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Sophie Morrigan is the daughter of a death goddess, and even she isn’t bold enough to steal from a reaper.

For years, Sophie has enjoyed her job at the Magical Object Division. But since her encounter with The Morrigan on a perilous job that ended with a dragon rescue mission and a massive battle, her boss has handed her every death magic case that crosses his desk.

Her work situation comes to a head when she is tasked with locating a stolen reaper’s scythe. Sophie approaches the assignment with interest before she is bowled over by the news that the thief murdered one of her banshee sisters.

In order to bring her sister justice, Sophie will have to navigate the rough seas of interpersonal relationships, come to terms with her family issues, and battle a witch hellbent on her destruction. If she fails, it could be more than her life on the line, it could cost her soul.

"Get out of here. Go canoodle with the boy."
“What’s a canoodle?”
“You know” She twisted her arms so they hugged each other and made a kissy face at me. “It’s where you become a nooks-like and twist in a loving way. With kissing.”
“On your Sofa?”
“You do your thing, baby bird”

| My Feels & Review |

I was so excited to be invited back to read and review the next book in the stolen magic series. I was ready to get my Sophie and Owen on. What I wasn’t expecting was one hell of a book hangover it was going to cause me. Seriously WTF!!! I had finished this book about 2 weeks ago, I figured a couple days to get out of this funk, IT’S BEEN TWO FUCKING WEEKS!!! I am still upset that I can’t shake it. Not mad at all at the Authors, I honestly want to give them a plaque that says I conquered Ter’s World, Next is world Domination! (I should Totally make these…)

Let’s see if I can get back on track……

I again just read the book and didn’t read the blurb. Ha, ha, I still haven’t read the blurb, I just totally copy and pasted that above. I like to go in blind. I didn’t want to know anything that the title was hinting at. (I know I’m a freak).

So I got to see where Sophie grew up, under some sucky ass circumstances. I might've got a sisterly crush on Belinda. I was a bit like WTH when the villain revealed themselves. I might of pissed myself a bit at one point in the book. I can’t tell you why or when because of spoilers. I hate spoilers.

Reaped had all the elements I like in a book. I love how all the elements I loved in the Bound are still in Reaped, The Kickass Heroine, the broody Male, The awesome supporting characters.  
The McKays’ know how to write a story that sucks you in, chews you up, and spits you out wanting more. I can’t wait to see where Sophie, Owen, and the rest end up next!

"Fuck those fuckers at your office,” Belinda said. She always had a way with words."

| About the Author |  

WB McKay is the pen name of married authors Robert and Faith McKay. Their love of stories brought them together, and they've been writing by each other's side ever since. WB McKay marks the beginning of their true collaboration. They sat down and asked themselves what they couldn't get enough of. The answer was simple. They loved urban fantasy set in a massive universe with room for every creature they could imagine. Throw in a gutsy female lead, a dash of humor, a pinch of romance, and they would eat it up and ask for thirds.

With that recipe in mind, they created a universe based around the vibrant and enchantingly dark lives of the fae. They invite you to explore their world in Bound by Faerie, the first of their magical adventures.

You can learn more about WB McKay and their books at

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