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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Release: Nailed It By Amy Miles

Nailed It

Author: Amy Miles 


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Today's writers deal with pressures from all sides: to publish quickly, to stay seen in an over flooded market, to keep their readers happy and to find a way to earn enough money to keep following their dreams. 

Writing is not easy. It can be lonely, disheartening and it is easy to feel buried by the very thing you were once passionate about. NAILED IT is 150 inspirations, mantras, motto's or quirky sayings that I have used in my personal bouts with burnout. I hope they will encourage you, inspire you and remind you that although writing is a solo endeavor, writers all around the world understand the pressure you feel to succeed. You are not alone.

| About the Author |

Amy Miles is the author of multiple published novels, including her bestselling young adult immortals books, The Arotas Series. Unwilling to be defined by any one genre, she has written paranormal romance, science fiction/fantasy, post-apocalyptic, romance, inspirational, and plans to continue to explore new genres. She is the co-Founder of Red Coat PR, a firm helping indie authors build a marketing base for their career. Amy is also the co-Founder of Penned Con, an annual two day convention held in St. Louis MO bringing readers and authors together with industry professionals to learn, grow and give back. She and her husband are heavily involved in charity work through Action for Autism, a St. Louis based organization aiding families with autism and founded the Penned Con scholarship to benefit area families.  She is an avid reader, urban homesteader, weekend golfer and netflix binge addict who lives with her husband and son in South Carolina.

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