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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Reviewed: Hidden By Faerie by W.B. McKay

Hidden By Faerie (Stolen Magic #3)Hidden By Faerie by W.B. McKay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*Was given an ARC for my honest Review & Opinions*
W.B. McKay doesn't disappoint. Once you start reading, you can't stop. Clear your schedule and get comfortable. Each book in the series is better than the last. Can't wait to read what happens next with everyone in Stolen Magic!

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I Have two different reviews for this book, the one that hit all the book platforms, It’s Nice sweet and to the point of how I feel about Hidden By Faerie. If you have any aversion to raw and possible profanity please stop reading now and if you so can incline, grab yourself a copy. Your shelf will be better with it.

Past Reviews:

"Motherfucking witches"

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Sophie Morrigan has been assigned a case way above her pay grade. 

Dangerous magical objects are a dime a dozen, but the Scepter of Sight is the fae equivalent of a nuclear weapon. When Sophie is dispatched to the Museum of Fae Culture and History, all she wants to do is go home and sleep until a more respectable hour.

Since that isn’t an option, she takes comfort in the fact that her sexy dragon boyfriend is assigned to the job alongside her. If the scepter weren’t the property of Owen’s parents, and the lives of everyone in Volarus weren’t at stake, it could almost be enjoyable.

Sophie will have to work her highest profile case yet while learning to balance her career and a burgeoning romance. Can she overcome witches, werewolves, and elves to keep Faerie from being exposed to the human world? Or will the magic flying her way leave both her love life and the fae city in a pile of burning rubble?

The Stolen Magic series features a gutsy, kick-butt heroine, a broody and dangerous hero, and a ton of magical mayhem. 

"Witches again?" Phoebe shook her head. "How embarrassing. You should find a way to mislead people so they think it was dragons."

| My Feels & Review |

I was once again invited back to read and review the third book in the Stolen Magic Series.
If you have been following along, then you know I love me some Sophie & Owen! Robert and Faith keep knocking each book out of the park. Still, three books in and I can't tell who wrote what part. It's so seamless! 

Like Reaped with Faerie another Book hangover. I actually wrote all my feelings down when I finished the book so I didn't miss anything. I then realized I can't show you any of that. SPOILERS! I don't do those!

So to get back on track... Hopefully no spoilers...

With Hidden By Faerie, you get to see the insecurities that Sophie & Owen have with their lot in life. While trying to solve a high profile case and not be prejudice of other magical beings. While Sophie tries to have a career and a love life. I love it when I can kinda relate to my magical characters. By kinda I have yet to figure out how to turn into a dragon. Everyone has insecurities of some kind. 

Hidden by Faerie, had me laughing and gasping for air. If you read the first two, I highly recommend you get to reading this one as soon as possible. 

Mine was easily recognized by the two huge bites I'd taken as opposed to his one appropriate-sized nip.

| About the Author |

WB McKay is the pen name of married authors Robert and Faith McKay. Their love of stories brought them together, and they've been writing by each other's side ever since. WB McKay marks the beginning of their true collaboration. They sat down and asked themselves what they couldn't get enough of. The answer was simple. They loved urban fantasy set in a massive universe with room for every creature they could imagine. Throw in a gutsy female lead, a dash of humor, a pinch of romance, and they would eat it up and ask for thirds.

With that recipe in mind, they created a universe based around the vibrant and enchantingly dark lives of the fae. They invite you to explore their world in Bound by Faerie, the first of their magical adventures.

You can learn more about WB McKay and their books at

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