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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Freebie of the Day: October 24, 2017

The Ghosts of Idlewood by M.L. Bullock

*This is Free at the time of posting, Please double check before clicking*

Carrie Jo Begins a New Renovation at Idlewood!
The Seven Sisters Spin-Off You've Been Waiting For!
When a team of historians takes on the task of restoring the Idlewood plantation to its former glory, they discover there's more to the moldering old home than meets the eye. The long-dead Ferguson children don't seem to know they're dead. A mysterious clock, a devilish fog and the Shadow Man add to the supernatural tension that begins to build in the house. Lead historian Carrie Jo Stuart and her assistant Rachel must use their special abilities to get to the bottom of the many mysteries that the house holds.

Detra Ann and Henri get a reality check, of the supernatural kind, and Deidre Jardine finally comes face to face with the past.

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