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Friday, October 27, 2017

The Rebound Project by Mia Silverton

The Rebound Project
Author: Mia Silverton
Genre: Contemporary romance

After being left in tears weeks before her wedding, Kelsey Channing’s only goal was survival. Survival meant paying her debts—by working multiple jobs if necessary—and keeping her professional dream alive. Kelsey was not—repeat not—looking for a rebound to mend her broken heart, no matter how often her friends said that was a solid plan.

 Screenwriter Cade Grinner’s new farm came with a home to rehab, peace and quiet from his ex from hell, and a chance to get over his damaged pride. Unfortunately, since saying yes to hiring Dr. Kelsey Channing, it also came with a hot housekeeper who flipped his world upside down every time he saw her.

 Then one joking comment sparked a new kind of interest, the start of a journey to heal themselves, and a crazy project outline that may or may not get them in trouble.

About the Author

Mia Silverton is a St. Louis born, contemporary women’s fiction and romance author. As a writer, she feels called to help change lives in a different way — by crafting dynamic stories. She promises to bring worlds full of strong characters, witty fun dialogue filled with heroes and heat.
She strongly believes that we can all find happiness, sanctuary and even healing in a beautifully written book. Many times in the past, a well crafted phrase, word or story created a shift in her when the time was needed and she feels called to pay that forward. 
Mia loves to interact with her readers and you can connect with her on FB, Instagram, Twitter or visit at Make sure to stay up to date with the latest and greatest news by joining Mia’s Silver Pen Tribe on her website.

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